September's Roundup of Top Home Improvement Reads


This week we’re bringing you our favourite home improvement articles and blog posts from September.

There are a few different articles this month, from informative how to’s, to gardening tips, and even some monthly inspiration.

28 White Bedroom Ideas - Country Living

We do love some visual inspiration, and nothing beats a compilation of images to help in sparking ideas for your next decorating project.

This slideshow from Country Living showcases 28 very different bedroom setups to show you how you can create your own white bedroom design.

There are lots of styles for you to draw inspiration from, so have a browse and see which images grab your attention.

How to hang wallpaper - B&Q

Are you skilled at hanging wallpaper? No? Not many people are! Luckily for us, the king of DIY that is B&Q have put together this handy, easy to read guide on how you can do it yourself.

It covers how to measure and cut your wallpaper, applying adhesive, how to work around things like radiators and light switches, and more. There’s lots of detail in each stage, making it a very informative guide, especially for beginners.

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page to expand on each particular area of hanging wallpaper if you want to read up on an individual step

Fall Gardening Tips: What to Plant in your Garden - DGI Direct

As it’s now officially autumn, it’s time to start turning our thoughts to fall inspired work to do around the home, and this includes the garden too.

This article discusses what you should be planting in your garden for fall, including shrubs, bulbs, and vegetables.

If you’re looking for advice on the best options for this time of year, definitely give this article a read!

How to Convert a Loft in 4 Easy Steps - Dave’s DIY Tips

Ever thought about converting your own loft? It sounds like a crazy suggestion, but this article runs through the stages of completing such a project.

The tips pick up where construction work would have left off if you needed to extend your loft to make it into a decent sized space.

Each stage is described efficiently and to the point, with three videos at the end to further build on the article. It’s definitely worth a read (and watch) if you’ve ever considered taking on this task yourself, or you are interested in what work goes into a loft conversion.

How To Hang Pictures - John Lewis

It sounds simple, but hanging pictures can require a lot of thought and consideration.

John Lewis has teamed up with interior designer and TV presenter Sophie Robinson to write this article on how you should go about hanging various pictures.

Sophie discusses gallery walls, positioning, and propped pictures, as well as a few more tips. These are all accompanied by beautifully styled images to demonstrate her points, of course using prints supplied by John Lewis.

Take Control of your TV and Tech - IKEA

Our final pick for this month comes from IKEA, a great source of inspiration for any homeowner.

This article suggests some fun, different ways you can conceal or tidy the tech in your living space while not inhibiting usage or compromising on design.

Our favourite is the final suggestion, as it can be adapted to fit various different furniture and rooms around the house.


Have you seen any excellent articles or blog posts this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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