Boilers On The Blink: How To Keep Warm While Waiting For a Repair


Everyone needs to stay warm during winter - it’s not just a comfort but more of a necessity. No one wants to have a cold home or end up freezing when you sleep. Owning a functioning boiler helps alleviate any discomfort that the cold brings.

But what happens when it's the middle of winter, and the boiler is on the blink? Don’t just call anybody to fix the boiler, contact a gas safe certified engineer as they are qualified to repair a gas boiler.

Keeping warm in the meantime

Prolonged exposure to cold can be detrimental to your health if you’re not used to the lower temperature. Keeping your family warm and the cold at bay is especially crucial during the winter months. However, as it becomes winter there is a possibility that the boiler will break down.

Once you’ve called the local plumber or engineer and scheduled a service call, you’re still left with a cold house until they arrive. Here are some tips to keep warm in the meantime.

Check for boiler lockout

Boiler lockout is the phrase used when a boiler shuts down for no particular reason. In the event of a boiler lockout, there’s a few things you can try before calling a professional. For instance, when a boiler stops working after a power outage, it could easily be fixed by pressing the reset button.

Most modern boilers are equipped with a reset button. Thoroughly read through the instruction manual to properly reset the boiler. If resetting your boiler doesn’t fix the problem, then you’ll need the help of a professional to troubleshoot further.

Seal your home

The last thing a house that is struggling to keep warm needs is more cold air. It is crucial that all the doors and windows are kept closed at all times. Leaving a door or window even slightly will allow a draft of freezing cold air into the house.

Keep the curtains drawn to prevent any heat from escaping through the windows. The curtains need to be extra thick to help keep the heat in. Thin curtains or blinds will not have the same effect to keep the heat inside the house.

Make sure to completely close every window in each room even if that room is not being used so that the entire home becomes as airtight as possible.

Heat up water

Having a warm bath is a great way to heat yourself up. If your boiler is acting up, check to see if the hot water is affected too. Sometimes the issue may be with your radiators, but the hot water is still working.

If taking a warm bath or shower isn’t an option, try boiling some water in your kettle then mixing it with cold water to make it a comfortable temperature. Soak your hands and feet in the warm water to help heat yourself up.

Warm food

There is nothing quite like eating good, hot food during a cold winter. Preparing steaming hot meals and drinks should provide some relief from the cold. While cooking, keep the kitchen door closed to keep the heat in.

Eating hot soups or drinking hot tea can help keep body temperature up and at a comfortable level. Without hot food or drinks then the cold can slowly seep into the body.

Holding a hot drink will warm your hands up, and eating with the bowl or plate on your lap will warm your legs.

Electric heaters

Provided that your house has a sufficient power source then using electric heaters can be a viable option to keep warm. There are several different types of portable electric heaters available on the market today.

The most effective types of electric heaters are convection or oil column heaters, fan heaters and radiant heaters.

Running electric heaters can get costly if multiple are running for a long period. Only heat the rooms that are in use, and keep all doors closed to prevent heat from escaping. Enclosed spaces are easier to heat.

Other than using electric heaters to heat a whole room, consider using electric blankets. These will be cheaper to run, and a great alternative if you’ll be spending the evening curled up in front of the TV.

Layered Clothing

Putting on layer upon layer of clothing is one of the first things you can do to stave off the cold. Start off with a good pair of full body thermal underwear for that inner layer to trap body heat from escaping, then add more layers on top.

Wear a thick shirt and jumper and some comfortable bottoms. Each additional layer of clothing will help insulate your body and retain heat. Make sure the rest of the family follows suit and that they put on their best warm clothing.


Winter is often regarded as the jolliest time of the year. That can indeed be true if the boiler and heating is working. When the boiler breaks down, winter can also be a miserable experience if your are unprepared to handle the cold. Keep the cold at bay by doing the above tasks and stay warm until the boiler is repaired and everything is back to normal.

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