The Best Websites For Buying Furniture Online


Shoppers today have a huge choice when shopping for new furniture, whether that’s looking online or visiting a brick and mortar store, which we know can be a little stressful- so we have put together a list of our favourite websites to purchase furniture from.

Quick Facts about Wayfair:

-       It was founded in 2002 by Steve Conine and Niraj Shah

-       They worked on a shoestring budget in a spare bedroom of Steve’s House

-       They found through analysing internet search patterns that there was a opportunity to sell stereo racks and stands online

-       They set up a small website which eventually grew to be one of the biggest ecommerce destinations for home furnishings and décor is exclusively an online seller, meaning it does not have retail shops you can visit. They have a wide range of furniture available for every room in your house, whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen or your home office. They also offer garden furniture, which is perfect for those warm summers with a BBQ. As well as this, they sell home accessories, such as cushions, bedding, mirrors and wall art. Which means you can shop for everything in your home in one place.

Their furniture retails for a reasonable price, with a sleigh bed frame being available for only £154.60! However, if you’re happy to spend a little more money then there will also be something for you, such as a more expensive bed for over £3,000. Therefore, whatever your budget, low or high, you will be able to find furniture for your home on Wayfair.

An interesting aspect of the Wayfair website is that it has a section called ‘My Boards’ which allows you to create mood boards for your home. If you find a product that you like on the website you can click the save button and add it to one of your boards, for example you could have a board for your living room or your kitchen. This is a great way to help you decide on what you want your house to look like by seeing how different pieces of furniture go together and which home furnishings go best too. There is also an ‘Ideas’ page where you can find inspiration for your home and ‘shop the look’ of different looks shown on the website. Lastly, Wayfair have a daily sale that offers ‘limited-time deals everyday from 12pm’, where new items are added each day, which means you will always be able to find something for a bargain price.


Quick Facts about Laura Ashley:

-       Laura Ashley and her husband Bernard started painting fabric on their kitchen table in London in 1953

-       Laura became inspired to make her own patchwork quilts but couldn’t find suitable fabrics in the shops – so they decided to produce their own

-       They noticed a headscarves trend among young Italian girls and realised they could make their own, and in a small amount of time they were selling the scarves in large quantities to shops such as John Lewis and Heal’s

-       From there they now have growing franchises all over the world is an online store that also has retail shops you can visit should you wish. It is on the higher end of the market with most prices being higher than Wayfair. Laura Ashley pride themselves in selling high quality products which can be made to order. Similarly to Wayfair, they also sell home furnishings such as curtains, lights and cushions.
A service that Laura Ashley offers which is different to a lot of furniture websites is a ‘Design Service’, where an interior designer can come to your home and listen to the ideas you have for your home, such as what you want it to look like when it is fully furnished. From what you tell them about your ideas, they will create a mood board to show how well your ideas come together for a room. If you are happy with what is on their mood board you can then choose to order what they have suggested, which means you will have a fully designed room with little effort on your part.


Quick Facts about Furniture123:

-       Furniture123 was created in 1999 when they saw the new possibilities offered by the internet

-       They realised that there was room for an online store for furniture where people could shop from the comfort of their own homes is another furniture company who operate only online with no retail shops. They offer furniture for all rooms in the house and will soon be offering garden furniture too. Their prices are about the same as Wayfair, offering something for a wide range of budgets, with many different designs to choose from for all the different rooms in your home. Generally, their prices are low due to the fact they do not have any retail shops so they can keep their costs down by not having to pay for overheads, allowing them to sell higher quality pieces at lower prices. They offer many different children’s products, such as funky beds and storage boxes, which can make a child’s bedroom that bit more interesting. On the website there is a ‘Warehouse Outlet’ where customers can pick up furniture at heavily discounted prices, which can be good if you’re on a tight budget or if you’re just looking for a bargain.

Quick Facts about IKEA:

-       IKEA was created in 1943 when Ingvar Kamprad was 17. He was given money from his father for doing well in his studies

-       With that money he established his own business ‘IKEA’ , selling pens, wallets, picture frames, table runners, watches, jewellery and nylon stockings

-       In 1948, furniture was introduced to the IKEA range

-       In 1956 IKEA started designing furniture for flat packs and self assembly

-       The first IKEA store opened in 1958 in Sweden

-       Then from there IKEA has continued to expand with shops being open all over the world is a well-known furniture shop to most, where you can pick up good quality furniture for reasonably low prices. IKEA is both an online and in-store shop, with deliveries being very reliable and everything coming flat-packed making it is easy to get your furniture into your home. As everything is flat-packed, it is up to you to put it all together so every product comes with simple, easy-to-follow instructions to assemble them. IKEA have different sections for every room in your home, and as well as selling furniture they sell all sorts of home accessories- they even sell flooring. Another thing they sell is home appliances such as ovens and sinks, meaning that you really can get everything you need for your home from here.

They have a huge section dedicated to children’s rooms, selling furniture, storage, toys and accessories such as lighting and bedroom décor.

Lastly, they have an ‘Ideas’ page where you can find lots of inspiration for your home as well as tips and tricks for things such as organisation and cooking.


Quick Facts about Worldstores:

-       Established in 2008 it is now the UK’s largest online retailer for the home and garden

-       They sell over 500,000 home and garden products is another exclusively online furniture store. They sell a huge range of products such as furniture for all the rooms in your home, tools to help you decorate, various home wares and even accessories that are essential for pets. Their prices are quite low on most things, but once again there are pieces of furniture available for everyone on different budgets, whether that’s low or high. Another thing you can buy from Worldstores is garden toys, such as swings and trampolines, even bouncy castles!

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