7 Renovation Project Ideas You Should Be Trying This Spring


Winter is finally over, and spring has already begun — regardless if the weather can still be ‘chilly’ at times.

You may already have plans lined up for this season, and home renovations should be one of them. Spring is the perfect time to start improving your home, especially if the jobs have been delayed because of winter.

So which springtime renovation projects are worth prioritising?


Paint is the simplest and yet, most effective way of adding value to any home. Additionally, repainting your house won’t break the bank if you plan on doing the work yourself. If you’d prefer to save time, you can look into hiring a professional instead.

Whether you intend on painting your home’s interior or exterior, a well-planned and executed house painting can be completed quickly. Using light-filtering paint on the exterior can even cool your home when exposed to the sun, helping to cut down your energy bills.

Don’t be afraid to try out uncommon paint colours that reflect your style. For example, you can paint a room with vibrant sunny shades and soft pinks to embody the coming seasons. These colours make for a cosier feeling especially when matched with white-coloured furniture.

Work on your windows

Your windows have survived harsh conditions over the winter months. Open your windows as soon as the weather allows you to and check for a possible build-up of grime. It’s essential to let as much natural light in by keeping the glass clear and shiny.

Clean every nook around the windows using a soft bristled brush to prevent scratching. If there are any damaged windows, have them fixed or replaced immediately. Damaged or faulty windows are one of the main reasons why a house is energy-inefficient. Dealing with the problem as soon as you see it will go a long way.

Consider converting the garage

This is a great renovation project especially if you have a family that’s growing. After all, moving to a new house is just not an option for everyone.

You have to understand that as your family grows, so do your possessions. So if you’re starting to feel that your house is getting cramped, add more space to it by transforming your garage.

For starters, you can turn it into a second living room — a place where you can relax. It can also be converted into a bedroom, a playroom, utility room, or anything else that you can think of. Make the most of your garage instead of just using it as storage for things that will gather dust.

Add a pergola

If you have an existing deck or patio, adding a pergola to it is an excellent renovation project. It will significantly enhance the quality of your outdoor living experience and will provide your home with more visual appeal.

You can use the newly-added place as an entertainment lounge or dining area. A pergola is an open space but if you want some privacy while outside, add drapes, latticework, or screens to one side of it.

Make it more beautiful by adding things such as hanging pots or light curtains. Finally, make it stand out by decorating it with nice-looking lights. And with the sun shining more in the coming months, solar lights are an excellent option.

Renovate your bathroom

When did you last renovate your bathroom? If it has been years, it’s high time that you give it some love and attention this spring.

There are many bathroom decor ideas that you can try.

A new lick of paint is a good way to start, but wallpaper can also be a good alternative. There are even versions available that repel moisture making them ideal for bathrooms. You can also try out a new colour or design for your tiling.

If you want to go a step further, consider updating your fixtures. New taps in a different metal or finish can provide a subtle transformation. You can even look into a new bathtub, sink, or toilet.

Install an outdoor kitchen

As the weather beings to heat up, it’s time to start planning barbeques and al fresco cooking and dining. Extending your kitchen to the outdoors will create the perfect environment for entertaining both guests and family alike.

It’s also an option to consider when extending a kitchen isn’t possible — if you can’t do it inside, bring it outside. Position the area under a pergola to keep it sheltered from any rainy spells, meaning you can use it even when the sun isn’t out.

Transform the basement or cellar

Much like a garage, basements and cellars are areas that are neglected in most homes. They’re rarely used, and usually, they act as storage areas for items you barely use or don’t need.

But similar to a garage, a basement or cellar can also be converted into a new and usable area. Do this, and you’ll gain a huge amount of space since most basements stretch right out underneath the entire ground floor.

Make sure you decorate the space with light colours to help brighten up the space in the absence of natural light.


Whether you choose to add a quick lick of paint to your home’s exterior, or completely refurbish an entire room, there’s a renovation project suitable for all skill levels and budgets. And even if you don’t want to do the work yourself, you can always hire a professional to get the job done.

However, if you are planning any larger projects, first check if you need to gain planning permission to start on the work, and avoid any nightmares further down the line.

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