Starting From Scratch: What To Buy First for Your New Home


Buying your first house is an exciting time. Becoming a homeowner is a big step, whether you are switching from renting to owning, or have been lucky enough to save while living with family.

Once you have navigated the minefield that is buying a property, and you have the key in your hand, you may open the front door to your dream house and be shocked. Why does it look so empty?

If you viewed the property furnished while the previous owners were still living there, it could be easy to forget that you’ll need to start from scratch with decorating and furnishing your new home.

Some properties may even come without door handles or carpet! However, this should have all been detailed in the fixtures and fittings documents, so shouldn’t be a nasty surprise.

So now the task of filling your home begins, but what do you start with? We’ve put together a list of things that you should think about purchasing early on in your time as a homeowner.

Bring In The Professionals

Before buying any home, it is always advised that you have a building survey carried out on the property. This means you will be aware of any work that may need to be carried out, like repairing dry rot or removing mould.

Now you own the house; it is an ideal time to address these jobs and hire a professional to fix them. When your home is lacking in furniture, and before you’ve adequately decorated, it is the best time to have potentially major work carried out.

If you didn’t have anything beyond the standard mortgage valuation, take the opportunity to assess your home when it is bare, and flaws can’t be hidden by furniture.

Locks and Keys

You can’t always guarantee that you are the only one with keys to your new home. Many people leave spares with their family, friends, or neighbors, that may not have been retrieved before completion.

If you’ve bought a new build, keys are often given out to contractors to make coming and going throughout the building process easy. It’s possible that not all of the keys were returned.

With this in mind, changing your locks early on would be a good idea.

Completely changing all the locks in your home could get expensive, so it is worth looking into whether having your locks rekeyed could be a better and cheaper option, especially if you like how your current locks work and look.

Trusty Tool Kit

It’s likely that you will want to do some DIY work on your new home, no matter how big or small. To do this, you will need at least a basic toolkit.

Your kit should include:

If you plan on decorating, you’ll also want items such as:

Having these will make up the basis of what you should need, however as more specialist jobs present themselves you may need to add to your collection.

Cleaning Supplies

If you are carrying out any work on your new home, you’ll quickly discover that you are missing essential cleaning items. In fact, you may have noticed this on your first night after eating dinner and realising you don’t have washing up liquid to clean your plates (did you remember to get plates?).

There are a few items that you should purchase:

You might want to give the property a complete deep clean if one wasn’t already carried out. Before buying furniture, take the chance to have carpets professionally cleaned or refinish any wooden flooring.

Second-Hand Isn’t So Bad

Many people may want to steer clear of buying second-hand items for their new home. However, if you’ve plugged nearly all of your money into buying your home, it could be a great temporary option for your pocket.

It may be tempting to make a day trip to IKEA to kit your house out, but before you make the trip, consider checking out local second-hand shops and even online marketplaces. If you use Facebook, search for a local selling group covering your area.

You may need to make a short-term sacrifice regarding exact style or taste, but you can still pick up sofas, fridges, and much more in excellent condition second-hand.

Instead of putting yourself into financial difficulty, or going without necessary items, buying second hand can tide you over until you have the funds to get the exact items you want to style your home.

You never know, you could end up finding the perfect items at a fraction of the cost!


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