Inexpensive Ways To Increase Your Home's Saleability This Summer


Summer is arguably the best time to be selling your home as the warm weather has a significant influence on us Brits. The added beauty of flowers and plants around your property and the fact that everything looks so much better in the sunshine makes the ideal selling conditions.

With that said, we can’t rely on the weather to sell our homes. It helps put our buyers in a positive mindset, but there are still things we can do to make our property ‘The One’ for them.

Here are some small scale, inexpensive tips on how you can add value to your home this summer.

Light and Bright

Very few people will find a dark, dingy room attractive. In most cases, it will work against you and your hopes to sell.

Letting light into your home is such an easy way to increase its saleability. Open your curtains and let the light in, though be aware that bright sunlight will highlight any dust on your surfaces.

For rooms with bright sunlight, consider sheer net curtains to help diffuse the light and make it softer.

Some rooms don't have a good source of natural light, like those that are north facing. For these rooms, add a few table or floor standing lamps to make that extra bit of difference.

For those places that are particularly dark and need you to go that extra mile, install daylight bulbs. These will make a significant impact on your room.

Use Mirrors

Hanging mirrors is another great way to bounce light around a room and brighten it up.

They’re also an ideal tool for creating a sense of space. If you have a smaller room in your home, hang a mirror and instantly see the difference it makes.

Mirrors are widely used amongst interior designers and decorators to make a room feel bigger and brighter.


A simple, inexpensive way to create that homely feeling during a viewing is to appeal to your buyer’s sense of smell.

You might have noticed that when going to viewings yourself, some homes may have had candles burning. Choosing a homely scented candle can evoke familiarity within your buyer, making your property feel like home to them.

Another trick is to bake before a viewing. The smell of cakes fresh from the oven or a pie cooling on the side is another great way to create this homely atmosphere.

Create Kerb Appeal

First impressions count for a lot when selling your house. The front is the first thing your buyers will see, so you want to make a positive impact.

Kerb appeal can be straightforward and easy to create. Start by getting rid of any weeds as these are always huge eyesores and don’t help with that important first impression.

If you have a front garden, mow the lawn and deadhead any flowers. If the flower beds are empty or unsalvageable, dig them up and start afresh with new blooms. Make sure you trim any overgrown hedges as these can easily make spaces look untidy.

If you just have a driveway, consider hiring or buying a pressure washer to eliminate the dirt that will have inevitably built up.

If you have no green space in front of your house, buying a couple of potted plants or adding some hanging baskets is an easy way to add the pop of colour.

Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Following our point about kerb appeal, adding a new coat of paint can do wonders to the appearance of pretty much anything.

If your house is painted, now is the time to redo it. Weathering stains are not pretty and will create a negative impact on buyers, leading them to believe the property needs work done.

The same applies to any painted window frames or doors.

The great thing about repainting is that once it’s done, you don’t need to worry about it again for a good while.

Images That Sell

This one sounds obvious, but having good photographs of your property is vastly important. Images are the stepping stone from your buyer browsing to being interested and viewing. A lack of good images can drastically decrease the number of viewings you have.

The easiest way to capture great images of your property is first to do all of the above tips. It’s no good painting or creating kerb appeal after the photographs are taken, as buyers won’t see it until they come for a viewing. As we mentioned, they’re less likely to book a viewing if the images aren’t great. It’s a vicious cycle.

Once you’ve done everything you want to your property, have a quick tidy up. Make the beds, dust, hoover, put away any toys or stray newspapers. All these things can make your rooms look cluttered which isn’t appealing to buyers.

Once everything is tidy, make sure you let lots of light into each room when you or your estate agent are taking photos.


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