The 2018 Christmas Gift Guide


With only 12 days left until Christmas, we have to commend you if you’ve already finished all your Christmas shopping. However, we’re sure there’s still many people who still have gifts to buy, or maybe haven’t even started shopping yet.

If you fall into the latter two, we’re here to bring you some gift ideas that can still be bought in time for the holidays. There’s gifts for varying budgets so there’s something for everyone.

Let us know which is your favourite idea!

Shiatsu Neck and Shoulder Massager - £42.99

We all suffer from aches and pains, especially from tight muscles. Gifting a deep tissue massage would be an excellent choice, but what about giving something that will allow as many at home massages as you want?

A shiatsu massager can be plugged into the mains to provide an all over body massage in the comfort of your own home. It is mainly targeted at the neck and back, but due to its portable nature can be used anywhere - even your feet!

The massaging ball heads can heat up, change direction and change intensity to give more of a deep tissue effect. The device also comes with a car adaptor for it to be used on the go.

This is the perfect gift for a gym enthusiast, or someone who suffers with tightness or sore muscles.

Miniature tree growing kit - £12.99

A bonsai growing kit is a great gift idea for someone with green fingers. However, as the instructions say, green fingers aren’t required!

This kit will be an ideal project for anyone slightly interested in growing things. It contains everything you need to get started with growing your own miniature tree. There’s a few different types of tree for you to grow, and tips to help you with the process.

GOJI Wireless Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones - £49.99

Headphones are perfect for anyone who listens to music, podcasts, or audio books. These GOJI headphones are wireless, bluetooth, noise-cancelling, and currently on offer. They normally retail for £69.99, so you can grab a higher quality pair for a great price.

GOJI headphones are said to be the more affordable version of much pricier brands, and buying these headphones through Currys PC World grants you a free 3 month Deezer Premium music streaming subscription.

Experience Days - Varying Prices

Experiences are the perfect gift for people who “have everything”, or “don’t want anything”. Learn a new skill, try an activity, or enjoy a break. There’s hundreds of things to choose from, including:

You can choose from Virgin Experience Days, Red Letter Days, or do a quick Google search for experience days for lots more options.

Letters To My Grandchild - £8.29

This idea makes for a truly special gift for any grandparent. The Letters To My Grandchild book contains various different envelopes with prompts on them, signaling what each letter should be about. Write each one out, seal, and date it for opening.

It doesn’t matter if their grandchild is still a baby or grown up, this gift can become a treasured heirloom for them to open in the future.

There are also different variations of the book, including letters to my baby, daughter, son, and letters to open when…

12 Days Of Christmas Coffee Selection Pack - £25

For the coffee lovers! The York Emporium have a 12 days of Christmas coffee gift selection containing 12 different types of coffee. You can choose your grind, from whole bean to cafetiere and filter to make sure it’s just right for the receiver.

This selection is perfect if you wouldn’t know what type of coffee to choose, as the York Emporium do it for you. They also offer other selection packs, and individual packs if you know what kind of flavours to buy.

Their gifts selection also include brewing equipment and teas.

M&S Taste of Belgium Chocolate Gift Bag - £30

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t like to receive food as a gift, especially chocolates! Food is also another option for people who “have everything”. This chocolate gift bag from M&S is a great way to indulge, including truffles, biscuits, and chocolates.

You can either gift the whole bag, or buy the boxes as seperates in store for smaller gifts. M&S also stock delicious biscuit boxes that we can highly recommend.

Aromatherapy Diffuser - £26.99

Oil diffusers can be used for a whole host of purposes. Depending on the oil you put into the diffuser it can act as a morning refresher, mood booster, allergy relief, or help you relax and nod off.

There are many diffuser designs to choose from including this wooden design, and even more oils you can use in it! Just make sure to choose 100% pure water-soluble essential oils for a longer lifespan.

Pair this gift with an essential oils set.

Favourite Restaurant Gift Card

A gift card means a free meal at your favourite restaurant! You can either choose a restaurant you know the receiver loves eating at, or choose a new one for them to try. You can also buy a gift card for a chain of restaurants like Vintage Inns or Dining Out Cards.

Or if you prefer not to give gift cards, you can instead take the receiver out for dinner at the restaurant you’d give the gift card for.

DIY Stamp T Shirt Kit - £44

Gift this to both adults and kids as a fun project. The Stamp It DIY kit comes with 32 stamps including the full alphabet and other symbols, a grey t shirt, and 3 inks. There’s nothing to stop you using the stamps on other surfaces and items of clothing for future personalisation. You can also buy more inks from local craft shops like Hobby Craft. If you plan on stamping more clothes, make sure you get fabric inks.

The kit comes in ages 3 years to small adult to represent the size of the t shirt. However, if you want to gift to someone a bit bigger, you can always wrap the kit with a t shirt in their size.

Which Gifts Will You Give?

There you have 10 different gift ideas for Christmas. If you order soon they should all arrive before Christmas, but be sure to check the delivery dates on each item.

If you have any other ideas to add, let us know in the comments below!

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