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Whether you’re preparing for your first child or your fifth, getting your new baby’s room ready is exciting. The first time around can be a learning process, and afterwards you’ll have a good idea of what you did and didn’t use or need.

Regardless of the practicalities, designing and decorating a nursery is just as rewarding and fun as decorating any other part of your home. It also involves many of the same considerations:

Just like we did for girls bedroom ideas, we took to everyone’s favourite image collection site, Pinterest, to gather some nursery ideas and inspiration for the next time you find yourself needing to prepare for a new arrival.

Neutral Wooden Tones

If you’re a fan of keeping your baby room more neutral in colour, using wooden and natural materials as accents really helps give the room character.

Think wooden furniture, wicker baskets, wooden frames, and a brown and green colour pallet. The faux-fur white rug adds texture without being overbearing, and also gives baby something soft to lay on while playing.

Plants are another way to add interest, with their green leaves working well with the wood throughout the room. Be sure to stick to fake plants with robust leaves that can withstand exploring hands and the “everything in their mouth” stage. Fake trailing plants also add different levels of interest, just make sure they’re well out of reach from your baby.

It’s All In The Name

If you are 100% set on a name before your baby is born, you can choose to incorporate it into the nursery decor. A popular choice is to position baby’s name in a larger design above the cot.

The good thing about most name based design ideas out there is that they would be easy to add in after baby is born, incase you haven’t decided on a name beforehand, or your chosen name doesn’t suit your little one once you meet them.

In the above design the name has been cut out of reflective silver card and stuck onto the flower wall art. Names can also be painted straight onto the wall, or stuck on using decals.

Remember that you can use whatever font you like, so you can pick a style that suits the overall theme and feel of your baby’s room.

Animals Are A Firm Favourite

Animals are a common theme among anything to do with babies and children. And it makes sense because kids love animals! They’re used in lots of learning activities, story books, and as cuddly toys.

You can also use them as part of your baby room decor. Whether you’re going for a jungle theme, or want to keep the room mostly neutral with key accents, animals can be the perfect answer.

Namely, stand out prints of animals to go on your wall.

The great thing about prints is that art styles vary, as does your taste. You can opt for a more childlike, storybook art style for the prints you choose, or you can go with a more realistic style.

The prints can also be as big or small as you like. Go for a few larger prints, or go smaller but with more animals. Keep the prints black and white, or colour.

Remember that any picture frames should be securely attached to the wall if they are within reach of small hands.

Interactive Feature Wall

If you want to go with something a bit more stand-out for your baby room, think about an interactive feature wall or mural. You can use it to either create some more visual interest in the room, to be educational, or both!

This world map wall can be used to teach your baby about countries and where certain animals are from. You can even mark your location on the map, and the location of other family members if you’re spread out across the world.

You can buy wall decals, or DIY your own design with your own choice of colours.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Light And Bright

We’re used to seeing light, bright nurseries and nursery ideas - mainly whites, pinks, blues, and yellows. But your baby room doesn’t have to be entirely light colours.

Just as dark colours suit other rooms in your house, they can also be used in the nursery. Incorporate them with a feature wall and darker coloured furniture to match. Darker themed rooms generally work better when they include a lighter accent, such as the light coloured wood and rug in the image above.

Think about the amount of natural light the room gets too. A north facing room will feel much darker than a south facing room, so choose the amount of the dark colour you use to suit the space.

Dedicate Space For Books

Reading is an important part of your baby’s development so you’ll want to dedicate space and time for storytime. It’s likely that you will gain a vast collection of books as your baby grows up, but you’ll want them to be easy to access in the nursery.

These ledge shelves are a very popular book storage option. They take up a lot less space than a normal bookcase and can store a good number of books, depending on their thickness. They also allow you to easily see the covers, and eventually your baby will be able to point out the books they want to read with you.

If you want to start out small first, you can add more shelves are your collection grows. Start with two shelves and leave space above or below to add in more later.

Your Own Baby Nursery Ideas

Are your decorating your own nursery? Or have you decorated one in the past? What key design elements did you include, and what did and didn’t work once baby arrived?

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