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Sometimes you know you want to redecorate a room, but you don’t know what you want to do with it. Does the furniture just need rearranging? A wall repainting or papering? Or does the whole space need to be completely redone?

In a situation like this, many of us turn to the online inspiration board that is Pinterest.

This time, we’re looking at ideas for girls bedrooms. We’ve gathered a selection of images to help inspire you for the next time your daughter’s room calls for an update.

Inspiration #1


If you’re looking to decorate a girls bedroom in a way that can be easily modified as they grow, this room is the perfect example. The core aspects of the room - the walls and carpet - are neutral brown tones. The bright colours come from the furniture, wall art, and accessories.

The mint green and pink colours add a pop of colour against the brown, but can easily be painted or switched up as the girl grows up, making it easy to keep the room feeling age appropriate.

The wall art and cute accessories add personality, and can be easily changed as the years go on.

Inspiration #2


This room is another example of using accessories to add colour to a space. In general the room is quite neutral, with mainly white, greys, and a hint of brown from the wooden floor. Pink is added as an accent through the bedding, pillows, toys, and decorations on the shelves.

If you want to avoid a “loud” looking girls room, keep the majority of the colour pallet neutral and choose one or two soft colours as accents.

Inspiration #3


Not all bedrooms are space rich, and sometimes we have to make a small space look inviting. Luckily young children don’t need big bedrooms in order to love their space.

This bedroom has made use of wall decals - the gold spots and black eye lashes. The bean bag provides additional seating to cozy up on and read a book or play a game. The monochrome patterns add personality and fun to the room.

Inspiration #4


If you’re looking for a more “grown up” feeling room, or redecorating for an older teen, stick to neutral colours but incorporate patterns and texture to add interest.

In this example the wooden floor, bedside table, and throw add texture. The pillows add different patterns and shades. The whole design has a more mature feeling whilst still being teen appropriate.

Inspiration #5


Tapestries and duvet sets can add colour and pattern to otherwise plain rooms. They are easy to switch out to keep a space feeling fresh and interesting, plus they’re cheaper than completely redecorating.

Inspiration #6


Lighting is another decoration method you can use to make a room feel fresh. Try adding fairy lights around a headboard, hanging them from the ceiling, or using them to decorate a desk. What’s more, fairy lights or string lights come in lots of different designs, meaning they can suit any age group.

This room has used a combination of wall decals and hanging lights against a dark wall to give a more grown up feel.

Inspiration #7


Don’t forget to use hobbies, interests, or favourites as inspiration when decorating a girls room. Many would imagine a room with guitars when picturing a musical person's room, but this take on the theme is a bit more subtle.

Inspiration #8


If you need to utilise all available space, opt for a high sleeper bed. You can find variations with desks or sofas underneath that act as extra storage and extra space for playing or hanging out.

Having desk space under a high sleeper allows for crafts or an area to do homework.

What Would Your Ideal Girls Bedroom Look Like?

While it’s true that everyone has their own styles and tastes, looking for inspiration can help you find designs, colours, and even furniture that you want to use. And if nothing else, it can get the wheels turning in your head to help you form your own ideas.

If you were decorating a girls bedroom, what would you include?

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