How To Make The Most Out Of a Small Room


Sometimes a small room can be slightly overwhelming - you want it to look good, but at the same time keep it clutter free. We’ve put together a list of a few ideas that we think can help you make the most out of a small room.



Mirrors are a great way to fool the mind into thinking a room is bigger than it actually is. The multiple reflections can make the room appear to go beyond the walls, as such. They can also create a lighter atmosphere in the room as light is easily reflected and bounced around in the room. Similar to mirrors, you can also use glass to cause the same affect and create an airier feel. Use glass doors, or at least partly glass doors, between rooms togive the impression of a larger area.


Make use of the walls in a room. This can be done in many ways: hanging pictures or pieces of art on the wall to draw the eyes upwards; hanging kitchen utensils on the magnetic utensil holders to save counter space; even hanging your TV on the wall will produce space underneath it which would have otherwise been occupied by a stand of some sort. Another way to draw the eyes away from the size of a room would be to create a feature wall, which can be easily done with wallpaper, this is a great way to pull a room together.


Don’t be afraid to use large pieces of furniture. Why put large furniture in a small room? A few large pieces of furniture, in some cases, can actually give off a larger feel of the room as opposed to overcompensating with lots of little pieces of furniture. A large corner sofa, for example, can be great in a small room as it can make it feel more cosy whilst also being the focal point of your room, now to only two or three extra pieces of furniture would be needed to complete the room. 


You can also save space by taking advantage of the space you do have. Try using pull out storage solutions, such as pull out shelves, or rotating inserts to take advantage of the shelf space you have. You can also use wire racks to create extra levels inside your cupboards. Rotating inserts can be great for corner cupboard as it allows you to put things in awkward, difficult places to reach which could otherwise be tricky to do. A couple of ideas that are a great way to really take advantage of floor and wall space would be investing in a bed that can be pushed up into the wall when not in use, a sofa bed, or a desk that folds away as a drawer when not in use.


The possibilities are endless, everyday a new idea arises of how to utilise space better. The hard part is choosing which option best suits you and your house.

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