November's Roundup of Home Improvement Reads


To kick off December, we’re bringing you our favourite home improvement articles and blog posts from November.

This month we saw some brilliant articles published on all sorts of home related topics, including how to furnish your home on a budget, how you can adapt a home to make daily tasks easier, and steps you should take to protect your property and belongings from thieves.

Gardening tips for November from The Swiss Garden

The Swiss Garden is situated in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, and was created in the 1820s in a ‘Swiss Picturesque’ style. Its nine acres are now the last complete example of a Regency landscape in the UK.

In this article, head gardener Sissel Dahl shares her tips on what to do in your garden this November, as well as what she’ll be doing in The Swiss Garden. The jobs she describes are mostly simple, but on the scale of the garden in her care, she uses the help of a gardening team to get everything done.

Luckily, when scaled down to a normal sized UK garden, these tips are easily completed by just one person.

6 Tips to Create the Bathroom That Could Sell Your Home

We’re all looking for ways that we can increase the value of our property, even if we’re not looking the sell imminently. One such room that can have the biggest effect on the value of a property is the bathroom, second only to the kitchen.

In this article from the Daily Mail, some tips are discussed that readers can implement in their bathrooms to help sell their homes. There are a range of ideas, from more cost effective options to some that require a bit more of an investment.

How to furnish your first home on a shoestring - without resorting to Ikea

Are you about to move into your first home? Or is it something you’ll be doing in the next few years? Once you’ve got the stressful buying process out of the way, you’re left with the task of furnishing your house. The problem is, you’ve probably spent nearly all of your money on getting the house.

When furnishing on a budget, most people default to IKEA. This makes sense, because IKEA provides cheap and functional items that can fill a whole property. If you wanted, you could buy everything there.

However, some people are trying to move away from this and fill their new home with less recognisable pieces. This can be a tough job when you’re on a shoestring budget.

This article talks through tips on how you can realistically buy for your home without breaking the bank, and on what items you should spend a little more money.

Adaptations and equipment to make home tasks easier

On the opposite end of the scale, when you’ve been living in your dream home for a long time, you may start finding that doing certain things around the home are becoming more difficult. Or you may be finding this is the case for your parents or grandparents.

Age UK have compiled suggestions on what adaptations can be made in the home to alleviate certain difficulties that you or your family may be having. It also covers how and when you can get help with making these adaptations, and who you can turn to for support and advice.

Boost Your Income: 69 ways to earn extra cash

Although this isn’t a home improvements article, we thought it was well worth a mention!

Money Saving Expert is your one stop shop for all the money advice you could need, and this article puts together some very useful and actionable ways in which you can make, or save yourself some extra cash.

We’ve all read lists on ways you can earn extra money, and a lot of them are filled with the same advice, which can sometimes be rather unrealistic.

MSE has put together a massive 69 ideas, some of which we’ve heard before, but many are new or easily achievable methods. For each suggestion, they also advise on how you can go about implementing them and what you could expect to earn.

Another great thing about MSE is that they update their articles every few months, so currently this piece contains some Christmas related suggestions.

How to keep your home safe from thieves as winter approaches and How to keep your home safe during your winter holiday

Two articles for the price of one! Both give advice on how you can keep your home safe from burglaries, with one giving general tips and the other tailored towards the festive period.

Keeping your house safe throughout the year is always a top priority, but it can become more challenging after the clocks go back and it gets darker earlier, often before we get home from work.

Simple tips are offered on how you can prevent your home from looking like a tempting target, and what you can do to conceal valuables from prying eyes.


Have you seen any excellent articles or blog posts this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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