Letting Terms

Protected deposits

By Law, Landlords and Agents (in England and Wales) who take a deposit from Tenants under an Assured Short hold Tenancy (AST) must protect the deposit using a government authorized tenancy deposit protection scheme. Your deposit will be protected under the DPS.

Preliminary Payment/Admin Fee

A preliminary payment fee is required before we can take references: this shall be regarded as part payment towards the total amount due shown overleaf. However, if the Tenant/s withdraw from this agreement and/or make a false declaration or provides misleading information or alters the terms originally agreed then at least £500 of any money paid shall be forfeit. If the Landlord withdraws from this agreement for reasons other than those mentioned monies will be refunded less any costs incurred by the Company or the Landlord in the pursuit of the tenancy on your behalf.


The garden (unless communal) is regarded as part of the Property therefore, responsibility for its upkeep rests with the Tenant. This obligation exists regardless of whether the Landlord provides gardening equipment.


Shall be handed over on the date the tenancy commences – they cannot be issued before the tenancy start date. Keys can only be released once confirmation that all monies payable has been cleared into the Company’s bank account.


Pets are not permitted in properties unless it is specifically agreed in writing with the Landlord.


Daniel Brewer use Rent4Sure to carry out referencing on our behalf.

If satisfactory references cannot be obtained the Landlord may choose to proceed with a Guarantor or rent in advance for the period of the tenancy. A Guarantor must be a UK home owner who is prepared to have references obtained to assess their suitability (conditions as above except landlord reference and salary multiple). Provided the Guarantor meets the criteria they will be required to sign a guarantee agreement prior to start of tenancy

Please be advised that:

Your preliminary payment will be non-refundable if you do not meet the referencing criteria and cannot provide additional security as previously mentioned.

A tenancy cannot proceed without satisfactory references being received and approved by the Company. You should contact the office at least 2 days in advance of the start date of tenancy for confirmation.

In the event that the Landlord withdraws from the agreement for any reason other than insufficient references, false declarations or amended terms you will receive a refund of your preliminary payment less costs incurred by Daniel Brewer.

Identification and Proof of Address

It is vital that we receive identification and proof of address in advance of the start of tenancy. The only acceptable form of identification is:

We need sight of the original documents for each person named on the tenancy agreement. Where the country of origin is outside the EU we need a valid UK entry clearance visa, which should not be due to expire during the term of the tenancy.

Rent Payments

Rent is payable by standing order mandate and is due monthly in advance on the anniversary of the day that the tenancy commenced. Therefore we suggest the standing order mandate will need to instruct the tenant’s bank or building society to make payment TWO days prior to the due date to allow for weekends bank holidays and the time it takes the UK banking system to transfer monies to a destination account. The Tenant could be liable for interest charges and/or administration fees on late payment.


The tenancy cannot commence until all Tenants have signed the tenancy agreement. Tenants cannot sign on behalf of co tenants. A copy of the signed tenancy agreement is forwarded to you once you have moved into the property.


The only person that can arrange the continuation of an existing phone line at the property or the installation of a new one is the tenant who will be paying the bill. Therefore the responsibility for contacting the telephone provider rests with the tenant. Neither Landlord nor Company can assist.


The tenancy unless otherwise specified within the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement is for a fixed term as specified in the tenancy agreement. There is no provision for the Landlord or Tenant to terminate the agreement before the expiration of the fixed period unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties. Any early termination of the tenancy by the Tenant will be in breach of the tenancy agreement for which the Tenant will be liable to pay to the Landlord:

Tenant contents insurance

We strongly advise for you to take out Tenants Contents Insurance; details of a provider can be supplied by Daniel Brewer. You may wish to take out your own policy. All policies must cover all landlord fixtures and fittings against accidental damage

Data Protection

Letting agents may share with each other details about the performance obligations of the Tenants past, present and future known addresses. Such information may also be shared with; credit and reference providers for referencing purposes and rental decisions; utility and water companies; local authorities council tax and housing benefit departments, and mortgage lenders in order to help prevent dishonesty, for administrative and accounting purposes or for occasional debt chasing and fraud prevention.

Under the data protection act 1988 you are entitled, on payment of a fee which shall be no greater than see by statute, to see a copy of the personal information held about you and to have it amended if shown to be incorrect.

Tenant Fee Structure

Administration Fee

These charges are all related costs of processing an application for a tenancy including retrieving critical information to comply with the Right to Rent checks initiating referencing, contract negotiation, processing all relevant paperwork throughout and finalising formal Tenancy Agreements. Charges are payable upon commencement of the application process. Should tenants decide not to proceed or fail referencing, then the application fees are non-refundable. £250 +VAT (£300) for a single tenant or for multiple tenants £175 +VAT (£210) each.

Guarantor Fee

Where a guarantor is required, additional referencing will be undertaken and further information required on each guarantor that is nominated by the tenants and preparing a deed of guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement. The related charge shown below is applied per individual guarantor and becomes payable following receipt of the tenant's references and once the guarantor/s completes the relevant application form. The fee is for undertaking referencing, obtaining satisfactory identification and preparing a deed of guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement In the event of the tenancy not being finalised for any reason or the replies to referencing proving unsatisfactory, such charges are not refundable. £125 +VAT (£150)

Company Let

For retrieving critical information, initiating referencing, processing all relevant paperwork throughout, preparing and finalising formal Tenancy Agreements. £250 +VAT (£300).


The tenants are required to pay a deposit prior to move in to protect the landlord against any damage incurred during a tenancy which is deemed to be beyond normal wear and tear. The deposit will be equivalent to 1½ months’ rent and will be paid just prior to commencement of the tenancy. Where Daniel Brewer are protecting the deposit we will register the Landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with a government-authorised scheme. Provide the tenant(s) with the deposit certificate and prescribed information within 30 days of the tenancy. Due at least 5 working days before commencement of the tenancy.


Due at least 5 working days before commencement of the tenancy.

Early Termination Fee

£400 +VAT (£480)

Renewal fee

If a landlord and their current tenants are both happy in renewing a tenancy for another term then the tenants will cover the costs involved for negotiating revised terms, preparing all relevant paperwork and finalising the contracts. £100 +VAT (£120) (One off charge per each new tenancy agreement).

Landlord Fee Structure

Inventory Fee

Daniel Brewer use an independent inventory clerk to prepare a detailed inventory (condition report). This document protects the interests of both landlord and tenants in the event of a dispute at a later date. The landlord’s contribution varies depending on the size of the rental property: 1-4 bedroom property £130 +VAT (£156) , 5 bedrooms or more £160 +VAT (£192).

Check Out Fee (Managed Tenancies Only)

A third party inventory clerk will attend the property to undertake an updated schedule of condition based on the original inventory and will provide Daniel Brewer with the required information to negotiate the repayment of the security deposit 130 +VAT (£156).

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