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Estate Agent

Forget any preconceived notions you might have about estate agents. Daniel Brewer makes a point of challenging the stereotype our sector is infamous for. In fact, when we sat down to design our business, the first thing we did was to throw the rule book out of the nearest window.

So when you talk to us the first thing you’ll notice is a completely fresh approach.

That’s not to say we haven’t retained the traditional core values of hard work, client-focused service and passion. Our services are built around our customers – giving them exactly what they want, efficiently and professionally, and without fuss.

We’re proud of our personal service, attention to detail, and the meticulous approach we take with everything we do.

By choosing not to have a high street presence we immediately stripped out a layer of costs. This vast saving is immediately passed onto our clients within our uniquely tailored fee system.

We still have a very comfortable office but it’s located in an idyllic lane just outside Dunmow. You’ll find our hospitality second to none.

Whatsmore, you can park right outside and it will cost you nothing. Try doing that in any Essex high street on a busy Saturday afternoon.

As a business, Daniel Brewer we know that trust and respect are things you have to work hard to achieve in the first place. We also know they are even harder to maintain year in, year out.

Whether you’re looking to buy, or thinking of selling or renting your property, talk to us today and see why we are one of the most popular and dynamic property consultants in the north Essex area.

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